Creating Memories with Mediagate

Article by

Luka D’Amato

We aspire to tell our own story – one that people remember, one that creates a difference. In the multimedia design world, creating meaningful memories through stories puts Mediagate in the spotlight and sets them aside from the rest.

Focusing on video production, photography and digital marketing, the Mediagate service by Codingate utilizes emerging digital media trends to tell stories and make brands memorable. With social media quickly becoming the dominant form of media in Cambodia and the world, Mediagate is fighting users’ short attention spans by creating content with an emotional impact.

“Sometimes you don’t need to show a lot of the product, but you need to show the meaning of the product, why people need to buy it. . . When we are making a video, we need it to be emotional. The people will follow, and they will remember,” said Yeen Pisith, Mediagate Business Development Manager.

After several years working in Social Media Management, Mr. Pisith understands the challenges and importance for brands in reaching their audience. With Facebook leading the way as Cambodia’s choice digital platform at 8.8 million users in 2019, digital media as a whole is quickly edging out traditional media from the market. As social media platforms adapt to current consumer trends, photography and video are quickly becoming the most effective medium for businesses to engage with customers.

With a strong industry background and a unique approach to media production, Mediagate’s own story is one worth remembering. Starting with a borrowed camera and a passion for showing Cambodia off the beaten path, Mr. Pisith and his team began filming travel videos.

“We joined a competition with the Ministry of Tourism in 2018. We didn’t have any equipment – we just borrowed a camera and lens. But the tool is not always important. It’s important that we know what we want and what we can do with the tools that we have,” said Mr. Pisith.

After their videos successful launch and gaining corporate sponsorship on their travel videos, Mr. Pisith and his team began to realize that their passion could help businesses in a way that more traditional media companies couldn’t. They joined Codingate, which focuses on creating digital marketing platforms, to develop their multimedia services. Together, they pooled their industry knowledge and creative approach together to deliver innovative solutions to their clients. With professional equipment, technological resources and a vision to enhance their clients’ brand awareness, Mediagate started the next leg of their journey.

Mediagate tells the story of the brands they work with, creating meaning in every scene and image that audiences can follow and remember. Yet, Mediagate also continues to write their own story as they apply their passion to a rapidly growing and ever-changing media industry, providing their services with creativity and innovation. Their story might just be beginning, but one video at a time, they are showing how brands can impact their audience.

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Codingate is a member of ISI GROUP under our Investment division. Winning a Smart Technology Award in 2016, being featured in Forbes at the beginning of 2017 and receiving a Best Start-up award in Q2 2017, Codingate is a reliable business and innovation technology consultancy partner. Codingate supports business growth and reduces costs by developing web and mobile technological solutions with a focus on improving company processes and efficiency. As part of their DNA, they innovate and develop technologies with social impact and support a sustainable society.