A New Housing Solution for Suburban Cambodia

Article by

Puthealin Sok

Tapping into their innovative minds and ISI GROUP’s industrial expertise, Mekong Homes has launched the new flat house model to solve Cambodia's suburban housing problem. The new home is an example of their ever-evolving approach to providing viable and affordable housing solutions that come with quality, beauty, comfort and sustainability.

“For the past few years, we’ve seen a growing demand for affordable homes that suit certain land dimensions, specifically that of 5 x 20 meters,” said Mr. Vatnakoudom Samith, Mekong Homes Business Manager.  “The new Mekong Flat Home answers to the need to simplify homebuying and owning experience, especially for working middle-class families who live busy lifestyles,” he added.

Understanding the working middle-class lifestyle is often strained by busy schedules, Mekong Homes’ architects and engineers masterminded the new flat house to suit their needs. With a one-month construction timeline, the Mekong Homes Flat allows the new home owners to continue their daily lives with minimal interruption. On top of time efficiency, the new home model is cost-saving and sustainable.

“Through our collective capabilities in design, engineering, manufacturing and site erection management, we devised a solution and developed the new model in the form of a modern flat house as this type of residence fits with the suburban lifestyle and well-loved among the locals,” said Mr. Vatnakoudom.

Built with cutting-edge pre-engineered steel building technology, the flat house’s building features make the Mekong Homes Flat economical, environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. The new flat house also embodies Mekong Homes’ reputation for quality and beauty. Using ISI GROUP’s ample resources and world-class building materials, the new home model comes with style and superior finishings. The interior is designed to provide ample lighting, proper ventilation and create a dynamic space that is easy to decorate.

Like all Mekong Homes’ models, the flat house incorporates efficiency, sustainability and beauty as well as affordability without compromising quality. The Mekong Homes project is fast-moving and we are thrilled to see this new development serve families throughout the rapidly expanding suburban Cambodia.

Mekong Homes is a project of ISI GROUP. Visit Mekong Homes on Facebook to learn more about the new Flat House, or visit their website to learn more about their housing solutions in Cambodia. To learn more about ISI GROUP and our member companies, go to our homepage.