Introducing ISI PALM CAP 980 PU ECO for a More Sustainable Living

Chhaysrun Chhin

What’s New?

Introducing ISI STEEL’s latest innovation, ISI PALM CAP 980 PU ECO uses extensive research and development to efficiently reduce heat and prevent leaks in your home. Developed using an eco-friendly design, ISI STEEL’s pioneering new solution significantly reduces homeowners’ reliance on excessive energy usage.

Ensuring optimal home comfort levels while maximizing energy conservation, customers can now say goodbye to exorbitant electricity bills. Manufactured using state-of-the-art machinery, the insulated roofing comes with a zinc core and two foam thickness options, 20mm and 40mm, to give our customers flexibility.

ISI PALM CAP 980 PU ECO is further enhanced by our proprietary I-CAP cover, which offers a sturdy defense against corrosion by preventing water from seeping through screw apertures. Setting itself apart, I-CAP is a unique feature not found in traditional insulated roofing sheets widely available in the Cambodian market.

The Inspiration

In response to the growing market demand for insulated roofing panels for residential purposes across Cambodia, ISI PALM CAP 980 PU ECO ensures end-consumers can access affordable, high-quality solutions. Answering our customers’ needs, ISI STEEL put inspiration into action and introduced a product that improves people’s lives.

“Cambodia is in the tropics and the weather is hot, so it's important to have roofs that not only keep the heat out, but also keep cool air in. That's why we made ISI PALM CAP 980 PU ECO – to give people access to good, affordable roofing that can handle the hot weather,” said Vatnakoudom Samith, ISI STEEL Senior Category Manager and ISI PALM CAP 980 PU ECO project lead.

Intending to provide solutions for their customers, ISI PALM CAP 980 PU ECO is carefully produced to offer both affordability and quality, while providing homeowners with peace of mind through heat reduction and exceptional water resistance.

What’s in it for end-users?

With features rarely seen in the Cambodian market, the ISI PALM CAP 980 PU ECO stands out as a smart investment for a more sustainable living.

“Prices of insulated roof panels have not been consistent in the local market. While our existing ISI PALM PU CAP 980 PU comes with premium quality, its affordability can limit it to specialized construction projects,” said Vatnakoudom. “Homeowners in the provincial market tend to choose cheaper insulated roofing with limited understanding of the products’ key benefits, making our new ECO model a perfect fit,” he added.

Specially designed for residential applications in the provincial market where affordability is key, ISI PALM CAP 980 PU ECO also comes with features that address our customers’ pain points. With our nationwide depot network, local builders and homeowners across Cambodia can easily use it on their next project or personal home.

You can visit the official ISI STEEL’s website here to learn more about their industry-leading products.