Borey Chankiri 2: Inspired by Nature, Designed for People

Yim Pichpanha

Driven to create a better living in Cambodia’s fast growing urban areas, Urbanland officially introduced Borey Chankiri 2, their newest residential development. With a decade of expertise in creating inspirational spaces, Urbanland’s masterplanned community was conceptualised by putting people at the heart of our design to offer a unique living experience that connects residents with nature and provides the luxuries of modern living.

Borey Chankiri 2’s home models seen on display at their showroom.

Using Urbanland’s human-focused design principles, Borey Chankiri 2 is an inspirational space where the modern family can connect, rejuvenate, and thrive. With a focus on quality, the new development is based on their rich industry experience and developed to enhance people’s daily living by creating inspiring spaces that meets people’s real needs.

“As a founder and an architect, I consider designing and building a good-quality home to be the equivalent of bringing happiness to a family. Borey Chankiri 2 is thoughtfully crafted and designed to meet the unique needs of its residents and provide them with their dream home,” said by Mr. Kang Hok, CEO and Founder of Urbanland.

Chankiri 2's tree-lined boulevards create pleasant spaces for residents to enjoy the outdoors.

A short drive to escape from the hustle of the city, Borey Chankiri 2 will encourage people to go outdoors and enjoy a healthier living through its tree-lined boulevards, central park, flowing creek and fresh air while offering convenient access to urban amenities. The green spaces in front of the homes and clean exterior designs bring a revitalizing feeling that welcome homeowners. Stepping inside, the living spaces are designed to be interconnected places for families to grow and create remarkable moments together. Inspired by nature, the open interior incorporate natural light and allow air to flow to facilitate relaxation and calmness.

Ample natural light and natural ventilation inside with green gardens surrounding the home create a refreshing environment.

Aiming to create and build a better urban living, Urbanland seeks to shape rejuvenating spaces where people can thrive and live more sustainably. With our first borey project completed and welcoming homeowners, we are excited to begin development on the next step in our journey to bring more human-focused homes to our urban communities in Cambodia. Learn more about our property development division and Urbanland’s award-winning projects that are improving the way people live, work and play in the link here.