Building Better with FUXIN

Sophika Kun

As a leading pre-engineered steel building specialist, for FUXIN, more advanced projects mean new learning opportunities. Taking on the challenge to complete the 10,000 square meter AEON MALL Mean Chey Skydome, the first project of its kind in Cambodia, has meant exactly that. To get exclusive insights into how FUXIN prepares for new challenges and drives the prefabrication industry through innovative solutions, we sat down with Mr. Rady Heng, Project Manager at FUXIN.

Q: What makes this project special for FUXIN?

A: From installing steel structures for warehouses, factories and commercial buildings to taking on the first and largest skydome in Cambodia, our progress proves FUXIN’s capacity as a Cambodian-born company. On the technical side, the AEON MALL Mean Chey Skydome is the most complicated structure we have taken on yet, and we are proud to have completed this special feature of the mall building.

The complex Skydome structure in the making.

Q: What learning opportunities were there from taking on this complex project?

A: As our first project of this kind, new technical skills are required to ensure quality control and timely delivery. One key challenge was installing the steel structure due to the limited space at the construction site. Using our team’s collective efforts, we solved this by creating our own space-friendly lifting system to facilitate faster, safer workflow and built our capacity for more complicated projects.

A look at the completed Skydome from above.

Q: How can pre-engineered structures help drive large projects like AEON MALL Menchey?

A: Design, fabrication, production timeline, quality and our environment are the key focus in all our projects. By pre-fabricating the structure at our factory, we save time and reduce waste and noise pollution. This means we can build structures with less impact on people and the environment, even with larger-scale and more complex projects like this one.

Mr. Rady Heng stands in front of the Skydome's steel structure during a project visit.

Continuing to develop more advanced infrastructure, FUXIN is currenlty constructing the structure for the north pier terminal of Techo International Airport, a project that will become an iconic example of their commitment to building their expertise and our local construction capabilities. Putting hard work, integrity and innovation at the core of our business, FUXIN will continue to be a leader in prefabrication as they strive to drive the modern pre-engineered steel structure industry forward.