Cambodia’s Music Education Hits a High Note

Article by

Puthealin Sok

On the drizzling Sunday of November 17, Soundskool Super Star Awards warmed the hearts of dozens with impressive performances by young contestants at Phnom Penh’s Hard Rock Cafe. For two hours, Soundskool’s students played four of the most influential instruments and sent the audience coasting through a range of positive emotions, mainly hope and pride for the growth of Cambodia's music industry.

Well-equipped and highly organized, the Super Star Awards are harmonic proof that Cambodia is well on its way to recreate a vibrant music scene and carry on our legacy of musical talent seen in the Golden Age of Cambodian Rock and Roll of the 1960’s and early 70’s.

“We want to help make Cambodia a fertile ground for musical innovation again and that’s why we created this young star event to promote professional music education at an early age,” said Ms. Evie Evans, Soundskool Head of Music.

As Cambodia’s leading music educator, instrument retailer and distributor, Soundskool offers individuals and families fresh and creative music programs. The students practice with world-renowned, high-quality brands like Fender, Roland, Aria, Conn-Selmer and many more, which further enhances their learning experience. True to their mission, which is to inspire and bring people together through music and friendship, Soundskool’s claim to fame lies in their educational approach.  

“Here at Soundskool, we see amazing results from group learning,” said Mr. Sawyer Lowe, Soundskool Music Programs Coordinator. “From the absolute beginner musicians learning to clap to the beat in our KoolKids program, to the young virtuoso studying classical pieces in our new Violin Club, our group classes are what keeps us all excited about music education,” he added.

And indeed, their students’ musical skills were a sight to see at the Super Star Awards, leaving the audience with smiles plastered on their faces.

As a result, Sounskool is building their reputation nationwide as one of the finest local music schools and stores and pursuing their dream to put Cambodia’s musicians on the international map. Visit their website for more information or like them on Facebook to stay up to date with their upcoming impactful events.

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