Chungkang and the Rising Heavy Steel Industry in Cambodia

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Puthealin Sok

With buildings growing and scraping the sky in Cambodia, the demand for locally produced heavy steel structures gave rise to Chungkang Steel Structure (Cambodia), which is now one of the country’s biggest heavy steel structure facilities.

Chungkang produces heavy steel structures for various large developments including skyscrapers, bridges, petro-chemical pipe supporting systems, steel mills, factories, power plants and much more. Established in 2016, Chungkang is a joint venture between ISI GROUP and China Steel Structure Corporation (CSSC), Taiwan’s largest steel structure producer, whose projects include Taipei 101 and the Washington State Convention and Trade Center.

Taipei 101 Tower, a project of CSSC.

Built on decades of collective industry expertise, Chungkang uses the advanced resources of CSSC and local knowledge of ISI GROUP to provide superior solutions in steel structure design, construction technology assistance, steel structure production, installation and civil engineering.

“China Steel Structure Corporation is well-versed on delegating talent and applying technologies and capital. That, combined with our local market knowledge and manpower, enables us to engineer large, complicated frame structures,” said Mr. Sovannara Im, Chungkang Vice General Manager.

Frame structures give support and shape to buildings and are usually made of steel or wood. For many, steel is the material of choice because it is inherently flexible but has the capacity to resist gravity or other forces caused by wind and earthquakes. Prefabricated steel frames are more time-efficient, significantly quickening the on-site building process over other materials like concrete.

“Our steel frames consist of factory-made components or units that are ready to be assembled at the construction site once they arrive. On-site assembly benefits construction speed, which reduces traffic congestion near the building sites,” said Mr. Sovannara.

With a production capacity of more than 3,000MT per month, Chungkang is one of the biggest heavy steel structure companies in Cambodia. A spacious facility and cutting-edge tech from ISI GROUP and CSSC keep costs low and positions them as an industry leader.

Chungkang steel structure facility.

The heavy steel industry is gaining noticeable traction in the Cambodian construction sector. What was once a young niche of the local construction sector, only producing frames for factories, now has the capacity to build enormous developments.

As Chungkang grows, so do the people, as seen in the rising employment and industry skills in the regions surrounding Kandal Province.  

“Although this heavy steel business is still relatively young in Cambodia, we’re advancing our local human capital through the networks of ISI GROUP and CSSC. Our staff gain professional skills and knowledge through hands-on experience from international experts, making us one step ahead when this industry reaches maturity,” said Mr. Sovannara.

Xin Wei Bridge, a project of CSSC

Currently, Chungkang employs over 180 staff members and has completed about 130 international projects. ISI GROUP is thrilled to have co-created a local company that can produce such large-scale steel structures and supply to not only Cambodia but also the wider ASEAN region. To learn more about the companies in our building and materials division, click here.