Creating an Unparalleled Community Experience in Chom Chao

Sophika Kun

Located in the fast-growing Chom Chao District, KMH Park is bringing the idea of urban rejuvenation to life. Offering locals a feeling of community and convenience, our business and lifestyle hub’s diverse amenities create an experience that is unparalleled in Cambodia.

As a human-focused project, our KMH Park aims to create a more robust urban living for people along the Veng Sreng area. Our masterplan is helping define a better mix-used development where people can enjoy the refreshing public areas, shop in the modern retail center and connect with like-minded professionals all in one place.

Lining the main street are modern shophouses and our first community mall, K Mall Veng Sreng, offering diverse shopping experiences for visitors as well as commercial and retail opportunities for thriving businesses. With K Mall’s unique features and aesthetic design, people can enjoy the inviting atmosphere and vibrant plaza while hanging out with their friends and family for a mix of shopping, dining and fun.

Facing Veng Sreng Blvd., our nine-storey ISI Tower houses many leading and fast-growing businesses in the area. Designed with a focus on people and nature, our contemporary office space offers a refreshing work environment for professionals. Situated just a few steps away from K Mall and the shophouses, people can access everyday essentials right at their fingertips. With favorable location, ISI Tower is a working space of choice.

Bringing more excitement to the area, AIA Stadium, KMH Park is a center for human connectivity. At the heart of KMH Park masterplan, our multi-purpose stadium offers locals a place to enjoy sports as well art and culture through its vibrant murals and events ranging from mini-concerts to food festivals. As a leading sports venue, our stadium is home to both the highest-level of professional football as well as grassroots sports that engage youth in our community.

Perfect for both work and leisure, the community-centered development by Urbanland will continue to offer locals a fresh lifestyle and bring more exciting experiences to the district and beyond. Stay up to date with Urbanland on their Facebook and website to keep up with us as we continue creating spaces that are specially designed for people to live, work and play in.