Creating and Building a Digital Education For All

Article by

Luka D’Amato

Applause echoes through the hall as SmallWorld Venture Co-Founder and CEO, Rithy Thul hands a new KOOMPI laptop to Mr. Ouk Ponnarith, Chroy Changvar High School Director. As the clapping calms and the symbolic handover ceremony ends, people eagerly rush to school’s new computer lab to test the 50 rose gold laptops supplied by KOOMPI and the KMH Foundation.

“Having access to a computer is crucial for young people. If we can give them the opportunity to become the engineers of tomorrow, we can lift the country up. . .” said Mr. Thul. “It is not just about learning how to use the computers, but how to search for knowledge and gain the best from the computers,” he added.

The donation was facilitated by Teach For Cambodia (TFC), who, through their fellowship program, are providing ICT training to the students at Chroy Changvar High School. The 50 KOOMPI laptops will expand the school’s computer program to reach more students, as well as support TFC Fellows and the school’s teachers’ teaching capacity.

“The new laptops will support TFC’s Fellows integrate different content subjects with ICT, meaning they will be able use computers to teach other subjects, like English, Chemistry, Physics, History and more. KOOMPI Academy will help increase students’ agency which we believe is important in one’s learning and helps students’ ability to make choices and take action,” said Mr. Sok Huoch, TFC Head of Leadership Development & Support.

Of the 50 laptops, 10 were donated by the KMH Foundation and the additional 40 were given as a free lease by KOOMPI. According to Mr. Sok Huoch, this system gives the school direct access to technology, while developing the school’s capacity to manage the equipment and programs. KOOMPI will provide technical support and training, working with TFC Fellows to ensure students can take full advantage of the technology.

“In today’s rapidly changing environment, technology plays a powerful role in day-to-day life and the world’s economy. Putting technology in the hands of capable teachers and their students is a crucial step in enabling them to become globally informed citizens and preparing them for the 21st century job market,” Mr. Sok Huoch.

Access to computers is only the first step for KOOMPI, the Chroy Changvar High School and, eventually, schools across Cambodia. The new lab will have access to the KOOMPI Academy, a digital ecosystem for education that allows both students and teachers to download free and paid lessons. Yet, the unique platform takes it one step further, allowing both students and teachers to create and sell their own lessons with the guidance of KOOMPI’s facilitators. The video-based learning platform creates a digital market for information sharing, KOOMPI’s answer to incentivizing knowledge growth in Cambodia.

“We hope to see this become educational community where everyone can become their own teachers and share with each other. We want to make this into something economically attractive for everyone to share knowledge,” said Mr. Thul.

Sustainable development with guidance from experienced organizations like Teach For Cambodia can change lives and result in long-term growth for both individuals and nations. Through the KMH Foundation, we are honored and humbled to be able to support the next generation and help prepare them for a rapidly developing digital world.

The KMH Foundation is the CSR program of ISI GROUP, focusing in the key areas of Education, Healthcare, Sports and Housing. Teach For Cambodia is an NGO focusing on placing outstanding recent university graduates and young professionals across academic disciplines into teaching fellowships in high need schools. SmallWorld Venture is a venture builder and has been partnered with KOOMPI since their inception.