Empowering Change Through Digital Tech

Sophika Kun

Developing more attainable digital solutions, KOOMPI, a startup by SmallWorld Venture, is helping bridge Cambodia’s digital divide and create more opportunities for the next generation. Designing affordable and innovative tech, including computers, education tools, customized Wi-Fi networks and more, KOOMPI’s products are helping ten of thousands of users in Cambodia access value-added learning and productivity tools.

KOOMPI team scrolls through Weteka, their e-learning platform to show its features.

Supporting tech growth, the KOOMPI team is on mission is to build tools and empower individuals with accessible computing solutions that drive progress, foster learning and inspire innovation. With over 5,000 people using KOOMPI OS, their open-source operating system, as well as more than 88,000 users on Weteka and 70 schools using their learning infrastructure today, KOOMPI is making strides in localizing digital tools.  

"From idea to reality, we believe our small, ambitious team can bring about more positive impacts for the local tech sector. We envision developing more digital solutions and seeing Cambodia's electronics manufacturing comes to life," said Brilliant Phal, KOOMPI Lead Developer. "Through our commitment, we will continue working to reach significant milestones in the future, as well as inspire more local tech talent to help realize our vision," Brilliant added.

Brilliant Phal, KOOMPI Lead Developer.

Unlocking the next generation’s potential through tech, KOOMPI is also working actively with their partner schools to provide students with free Information Communications Technology (ICT) courses that teach basic computer skills, coding and more. Looking to create longer-term transformations in ICT education, KOOMPI is working with high school teachers to provide comprehensive training that will equip them with the knowledge they need to teach their students for years to come.

KOOMPI team members work on their KOOMPI E13 laptop.

Envisioning a tech-driven education and innovation space that empowers individuals to unleash their full potential and drive positive progress, SmallWorld Venture’s tech startup, KOOMPI, will continue to bring more sustainable solutions to life. As a member of ISI GROUP’s Investment Division, SmallWorld Venture aspires to continue creating an environment where technology and innovation can flourish. Discover more about KOOMPI and how they’re helping empower a digital Cambodia.