Exciting Challenges Ahead Following 2022 Success

Sophika Kun

ISI Dangkor Senchey made a major move, earning their presence at the pinnacle of Cambodian professional football in the upcoming 2023 season after proving themselves in Cambodian League 2 this year. Their professional journey began only three years ago, yet the club’s roots have been growing at the community level since 2016.

ISI Dankgor Senchey players competing for the ball in the final match of Cambodian League 2

Sheer determination and strong foundations throughout the past three years have led ISI Dangkor Senchey FC to the kingdom’s highest level of competition next season, the Cambodian Premier League. With a qualified, Asian Federal Confederation-licensed head coach, immense support from ISI GROUP and our KMH Foundation, and supportive fans, gearing up for bigger goals has become what ISI Dangkor Senchey aims for.

“We started small at the community level to support leisure and health. Later, when we established our professional team, our direction grew wider. We began building our team based on ISI GROUP’s three core values; hard work, integrity, and innovation. Our goals became more ambitious from there, and now, we’ve made it to the Cambodian Premier League,” said Siek Sovann, ISI Dangkor Senchey General Secretary.

Fans celebrate ISI Dangkor Senchey’s win after their final match in Cambodian League 2

From grassroots to professional-level matches, ISI Dangkor Senchey owes their victories to their devoted fans. Staying true to their roots, the football club builds bonds with their community by creating opportunities for sports enthusiasts to get into football through community-focused programs, including our ISI Community Day and their partnership with Girl Onside Football Club. The free-of-charge, kids-focused programs are helping empower the next generation through sports.

For ISI Dangkor Senchey, greater achievement means taking on a tougher challenge. With the Cambodian Premier League kicking off in August of next year, along with plans to compete in the 2023 Cambodia League Cup and Hun Sen Cup, the ISI Dangkor Senchey players are already devoting their time to harder training and bracing themselves for more intense competition.

John Botioba, ISI Dangkor Senchey Head Coach, holds the Cambodian Premier League 2023 sign high

“Now that the team has climbed one step higher, I am excited about the challenge as a coach. Our ambition for the next season is to be in the top four teams in the Premier League, and our mission is to make this happen through our core values,” said John Botioba, ISI Dangkor Senchey Head Coach. “That’s our magic – to come this far and go forward stronger,” he added.

Ascending to the pro-level, ISI Dangkor Senchey’s vision has grown, yet their connection with the community stays strong. Moving forward, the team envisions bringing more players from the community into professional football and becoming a highly competitive team in the Cambodian Premier League. To realize this, the team members will remain humble, consistent, and disciplined.