Getting in the Groove with Soundskool on Facebook Live

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Puthealin Sok

Thousands have been tuning in since early May 2020 to ramp up their music knowledge with Soundskool’s Facebook Live music lessons. Featuring the guitar talent Sreng O’Neill and Soundskool’s piano teacher Seaklim San, the live video broadcasts are an opportunity for Khmer music enthusiasts to explore their curiosity and interact with local musicians in real time.  

With explanations in Khmer and demonstrations ranging from a guitar cover of “Hotel California” to a piano version of “Jingle Bells,” each session offers varying insights on playing the two instruments, no matter your taste in music. As Cambodia’s leading music school and store, Soundskool is using their online platform to promote music education and inspire and bring people together through music and friendship.

You can watch their latest guitar session for some tips and tricks in the video below.

Have questions for our local musicians or want to explore more videos? Visit Soundskool on Facebook for the latest updates and to learn more about upcoming live video sessions. If you’re interested learning the piano basics, Soundskool has also written up an article here.

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