Global Camstar Celebrates Five Years of Success

Article by

Puthealin Sok

Earlier this month, Global Camstar (GCS), a leading distributor of world-class building materials in the Kingdom, celebrated five years of successful operations.

GCS Managing Director, Mr. Rada Yim, revealed on the stage that the company was only officially rebranded as Global Camstar (GCS) five years ago. This earned a roaring round of applause from hundreds of attendees as they’re reminded of how fast GCS’s reputation grew into an industry renowned brand.

Global Camstar was changed from Camstar because the company was growing rapidly, integrating more international brands into its distribution line. Since then, GCS has grown to be a trusted partner in both private and public sectors, providing top-tier construction materials to over 800 depots and 120 projects. In the span of four years, GCS’s employees grew from 32 to 134 people. On top of excellent distribution of international materials, Camstar, their own skim-coating product line, was also recognized by SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.

But GCS is not the only distributor of global brands in Cambodia. How could a company with a five-year-old name become this well-recognized in such a competitive market?

“Besides abiding by the global benchmark for quality and integrity, top-class customer services is the answer,” said Ms. Rothdalin Uy, GCS Marketing Manager. “Nothing keeps customers coming back like excellent services,” she continued

Always looking toward the future, GCS will continue to strengthen the pillars of their human resources to maintain product quality and exceptional services to remain at the forefront of the market. “Human capital is critical for success,” said Mr. Rada on the stage. “We’re fortunate to have formed the right team from the start,” he continued, before sparkling confetti sliced through the air and everyone stood up to toast the company's accomplishment.

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