Improving The Way We Learn With Weteka

Sophika Kun

Driving the local education technology sector, KOOMPI is introducing Weteka, their innovative, new e-learning platform specially developed to improve learning in Cambodia. Officially launched on Saturday, 28th January, Weteka is set to become a convenient, cost-effective digital learning tool, helping teachers and learners adapt to new ways of teaching and studying in the digital era.  

In Cambodia, accessing a suitable digital learning platform where students can find educational materials has been a significant challenge. Lack of access compounded with limited resources and technical capacity has hindered educators’ ability to utilize digital solutions to improve learning opportunities in and out of the classroom.

The KOOMPI team shares information about Weteka with a participant at the launch event

“With the high cost of creating digital platforms, including technology, human capital, development timeline and maintenance, finding a highly functional and practical e-learning tool is not easy here in Cambodia,” said Rithy Thul, Co-founder and CEO of KOOMPI.  

Aspiring to fill this gap and meet the growing need for localized online learning tools, KOOMPI has developed an easily accessible, user-friendly e-learning platform for users at all academic levels. Using KOOMPI’s proprietary interface, teachers and independent content creators can create their own virtual school and upload lessons as well as additional resources to support their students’ education.

Learners test Weteka using KOOMPI Ministations

To keep the cost for schools low and ensure the platform’s sustainability, KOOMPI is offering schools free access to Weteka for up to two years before they begin charging a reasonable rate. The platform is also specially developed so schools can manage their own learning hubs using their existing resources along with basic guidance and tips available from Weteka. Meanwhile, students can get free, useful content developed not only by their own school, but by other schools and content creators using the platform as well.  

“We envision making Weteka a primary e-learning platform for more than 10,000 schools across Cambodia. Collectively with our team, we will continue sticking to our mission until all of the target schools have access to Weteka,” Rithy added.

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