ISI GROUP Blood Drive: Back to Help Save Lives

Puthealin Sok

Few acts of charitable giving have such an immediate and powerful impact on people as donating blood, with one unit of blood being able to save up to three lives. Helping people in severe need of both urgent and long-term care, including pregnant women who experience complications during childbirth, children with severe anemia, trauma victims, cancer patients and more, the effects of blood transfusions can be felt by anyone.

One bag of blood is needed every six minutes in Cambodia, according to Sok Po, Director of the National Blood Transfusion Center (NBTC), and the only way to secure the availability of safe blood for all is through regular, local donations. However, donations in Cambodia are falling short of the demand required. With people relying on transfusions from family and friends, the lives of patients who need immediate care are at risk.

To help ensure our communities have access to a sufficient blood supply, we partnered with the NBTC once again to hold our annual ISI GROUP Blood Drive on 22nd July 2022. With assistance from NBTC healthcare experts, 100+ volunteers from across our member companies joined us to donate, receiving proper health screenings and guidance to ensure safe transfusions. After giving blood, donors were left inspired – knowing that their blood could be someone else’s second chance at life.

“I used to have a strong fear of needles, but when I saw how many children were hurting and needed blood transfusions, I felt compelled to overcome my fear and donate. I encourage everyone to seek to understand the difficulty of those in need. Once you’ve felt their pain, I believe you’ll be able turn your fear into strength to help others,” said Mrs. Linda Soy, Assistant HR Manager at ISI STEEL, one of our blood drive heroes.

Our annual blood donation program was created to help improve local healthcare, one of the key focus areas of our CSR program, KMH Foundation. Helping create healthier living in our communities, we donate and partner with our local hospitals and government organizations, like the NBTC, to ensure they have resources when and where they’re needed most.

A better living for our communities is part of the reason why we’re here to do business, and we’re determined to continue our blood donation program to help support a well-supplied blood bank in Cambodia.

For information on how you can donate blood and save lives in our country, you can contact the National Blood Transfusion Center located at the Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital at 092 998 000.