ISI GROUP Blood Drive: Supporting a Healthier Community

Sophika Kun

Facing an insufficient blood supply and low donor turnout, blood donations are a vital health initiative to help people in our communities. Supporting this cause, ISI GROUP organized our 2023 Blood Drive on August 25th, bringing our staff, customers and business partners together to donate blood and promote safe access to transfusions.

Mr. Kang Leng, ISI GROUP CEO, speaks wtih health workers in preparation of donating.

“We have an invaluable resource that lies within us, and money cannot buy it. That is our blood. I’m proud that ISI GROUP, together with our people and partners, can contribute to helping save more lives in our community,” said Mr. Kang Leng, ISI GROUP CEO, during his opening speech at the event.

Partnering with the National Blood Transfusion Center (NBTC) once again, ISI GROUP is proud to support our national blood bank in securing more of the life-saving resource. Our continued collaboration will expand our capacity to drive more meaningful, positive changes in local healthcare.

An employee from Metta gets ready to donate.

"In 2022, nearly 100,000 patients required blood transfusions, yet our blood supply does not meet the actual needs," said Mr. Leang Meas, Public Relation Officer at the NBTC. "ISI GROUP's Blood Drive is a crucial step towards raising public awareness of blood donation and inspiring more volunteers to donate. More events like this will also help drive private sector support for our effort in securing the national blood bank," he added.

One unit of blood can offer people in urgent need of blood transfusions, including trauma victims, cancer patients and more, a new hope. Donating blood can have a powerful impact and create a meaningful experience for both the donors and the receivers.

A healthworker tests an ISI STEEL employee's blood pressure to ensure donating is safe and healthy.

“I may not know who they are, but I hope my blood can have the potential to save a life. Knowing that I can be there to help someone, even if it’s just once, is such a blessing,” said Rethiya Khan, a Senior Organizational Development Manager at ISI STEEL who helped organize the 2023 ISI GROUP Blood Drive and donated at the event.

Together with our people and partners, 117 units of blood were donated during our Blood Drive this year. Through our annual blood drive and diverse health initiatives under our KMH Foundation, we are committed to helping create a more equipped and robust healthcare system​ in Cambodia.

To learn more about how you can safely donate blood, please reach out to NBTC via their official Facebook page or call 092 998 000​.