​ISI GROUP Cup Is Back with a Bang

Article by

Puthealin Sok

ISI GROUP Cup has returned for its second season, bringing an even larger number of teams from across our businesses back onto the KMH football field for the 2019 competition. Serving as a gathering place for our member companies to expand their bonds beyond work, this tournament embodies our mutual desire for a deeper connection and appreciation for sports.

This year’s tournament consists of thirty matches between eleven teams from all management levels and types. Yes, that includes the CEOs of ISI GROUP and our member companies.

For two months, teams will compete until the champion is crowned on December 8. “However, the main purpose of ISI GROUP Cup is not about finding the winner,” said Mr. Sovann Siek, KMH Foundation Senior Program Manager. “It’s about the memories we create and the friends we make along the way.”

John (Jean) Botioba, ISI Dangkor Senchey FC Head Coach, shared the same sentiment. “I’ve made a lot of friends on the field,” he said. “It’s one thing to interact with your co-workers in the office, but another to have a chance to know them past their professional persona.” The football festival offers the teams many chances to show their willingness to collaborate and support each other, as well as making room for more personal and authentic interactions.

ISI GROUP Cup also sparks a rise in team spirit among the audience, as evidenced by the piercing sound of the crowd cheering on every single team during their games throughout the competition so far.

If you’re interested in attending the games, like ISI GROUP Cup on Facebook for regular updates on the match schedules. You can also tune in with hundreds of other people to watch their Facebook live streams of the semi-final and final.