ISI GROUP Night of Inspiration: You Have The Power To Be The Change

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Un Raksmey

More than 200 of ISI GROUP’s management, supervisors and staff joined the second annual Night of Inspiration on Friday March 29, 2019 at Raintree.

In line with our vision to create and build and better living for all, this year we themed the event “Be The Change”,  with the purpose to motivate, inspire and connect staff across our group.

The night involved food, networking and fun, and included ISI GROUP leadership teams, inspiring staff and guest speakers sharing their stories and messages.

In the event’s opening speech Mr Kang Leng, ISI GROUP CEO, discussed the importance of teamwork, togetherness and business development to ensure our continued growth and sustainability. We were inspired by his commitment to keep changing for the better and felt empowered by his presentation.

We also were privileged to hear the personal story from Mr. Nhar Ny, an inspiring Cambodian who’s dedicated his life to creating change and improving the lives of children in Cambodia. His key message from the night: “Never underestimate the small positive changes that you can create today. Their multiplying effect can be powerful, reaching far and wide.”

During the ISI GROUP Leadership Panel, Ms. Sarah Cowley, ISI GROUP Corporate Communications Manager said, “each person has the power to create change. Whether it be small or large, know that you have the ability to make what you want happen.”

Mr. Sok Sopheakmonkol, CEO of Codingate, added that you need mental strength to create positive change. “In our thoughts, we must replace  the word ‘accuse’ with the word ‘responsibility’ if we want to be strong,” Mr. Sopheakmonkol said.

This important annual event allowed ISI GROUP employees to feel relaxed,  refreshed and learn from their peers.

Mr. Lee Rithchhorvorn, Fuxin’s Sr. Sale Engineer, said, “One of the lessons I learnt is how we can contribute positively to society, then that impact can spread widely. Likewise, never wait until you have enough to give, but give what you can. Little changes from everyone can make a big change to society.”

Ms. Sokha Lita, soundskool’s Sales Manager and nominated ISI GROUP Inspiration, said, “I feel very inspired by the night. It taught me to never give up on your dream and work hard for it. Overall, the event was great - I enjoyed the guest speakers the most.”

Another highlight was the closing speech from, H.E. Dr. Sok Siphana, who explained the importance of working towards lasting impact.  “In everything you do, everything you contribute to, always be sure to think about your legacy”, he said.

Ensuring staff across our businesses are able to connect with one another, have fun and feel motivated are key priorities for ISI GROUP. This event, among others, aims to do this as well as promote our key values of hard work, integrity and innovation.