ISI STEEL Launches New Building Solutions

Leading the Cambodian market for durable, corrosion-resistant steel building materials, ISI STEEL introduced three new ISI PALM products Friday, 25th November, to meet the growing demand for high-quality steel construction materials. The newly launched ISI PALM WALL 914, ISI PALM LOK Hi-Strength 980 and ISI PALM CAP 980 PU will provide cutting-edge construction solutions for applications ranging from private residences to large, commercial buildings.

ISI PALM LOK Hi-Strength 980 is loaded onto our on-site roll former, which can be used to further reduce installation time.

Continuing to provide more integrated building solutions ISI STEEL’s new wall cladding system, ISI PALM WALL 914, provides buildings with an improved, modern aesthetic while giving them enhanced protection from harsh weather and pollution. With its modern look and high-quality design, ISI PALM WALL 914 improves functionality and livability while reducing future repair costs.

Guests at the ISI PALM Launch Event inspect ISI PALM WALL 914

Utilizing improved design, technology and manufacturing, ISI STEEL also released two new roofing solutions to meet growing demand. A new generation of ISI PALM – ISI PALM LOK Hi-Strength 980 allows for ultimate protection from the weather by using a strong, concealed-fixing method that allows for quicker installation and better seals the building from rain and moisture. Developed using insulating technology made for the Cambodian climate and a profile that conceals gaps, their ISI PALM CAP 980 PU is ideal for many construction applications. The two new roofing systems will allow for improved buildings to meet our customer's evolving needs.

ISI PALM LOK Hi-Strength 980 on display at the ISI PALM New Product Launch Event

Driven to provide high-quality steel solutions in Cambodia, ISI STEEL continues to innovate the local steel processing industry, and these newest products in their lineup will provide longer-lasting, healthier environments for people to live or work in. With innovation at their core and a goal to provide better steel building materials and solutions, we look forward to seeing ISI STEEL continue to push the quality of construction in our country to the next level.