ISI STEEL Uses Solar Energy to Protect Environment

Article by

Luka D’Amato

ISI STEEL installed rooftop solar panels on its factory, an important step to increasing sustainable business practices and reducing our impact on the environment.

The cooperation between ISI STEEL and CleanTech Solar, the company supplying the panels, marks the beginning of a new strategic business relationship, as well as setting a positive example for other businesses in Cambodia

“I am very excited to sign this agreement because it is not only significant for our planet, in addition we see commercially strategic partnership that ISI GROUP and CleanTech Solar go together in this market,” said Mr. Leng, ISI GROUP CEO.  

Arnaud Ayral, CleanTech Solar’s Regional Business Development Director, was also enthusiastic about the new partnership.

“We are really excited for the relationship and I am very impressed with the dynamic team here,” said Mr. Ayral about ISI STEEL.

The Environmental Performance Index (EPI), places Cambodia’s air quality at 164th out of a 180 ranked countries, putting it near the bottom of the list. Poor air quality has been directly linked to the use of non-renewable energy, such as oil, coal, and natural gas. Environmental protection and transitioning to renewable energy is a critical move – one ISI STEEL is proud to make.

ISI STEEL has strong roots in giving back to the communities that they do business in. This latest initiative goes beyond traditional CSR activities and truly resonates with their vision to create and build a better living for all.