More Milestones for ISI STEEL - ISI PIPE Rebrand & ISO Celebration

Article by

Luka D’Amato

Monday, Sept. 9th – In a veil of blue light, ISI GROUP CEO, Mr. Kang Leng took to the stage at Sokha Hotel to announce the launch of the ISI PIPE rebrand, celebrate their newly earned ISO certification and thank all their customers for their loyal support.

After making an inspirational toast to the audience, Mr. Kang held the ISO certification and ISI PIPE overhead with pride. Soft music began pouring through the speakers as a dancer took the stage. The music suddenly transformed into a raging storm, showing the harsh reality of living conditions in Cambodia, which the dancer is forced to combat alone. Then, ISI PALM Man and ISI PIPE Man joined the stage to help protect her. With the storm defeated, they stand strong together – proving the strength of ISI STEEL’s high-quality products and how, in unison, they improve living standards.

Another major highlight of the night was celebrating the newly earned ISO certification. Receiving ISO 9001:2015, awarded by the International Organization for Standardization, acknowledges that ISI STEEL’s quality management systems meet international standards. This certification indicates that all products and services meet applicable statutory and legal standards and that their customers can trust the quality of their products.

Finally, the night celebrated ISI STEEL’s loyal customers and depot owners. From across the country, the greater ISI STEEL family came together to celebrate with food, drinks, performances and lucky draws. With pride in the hard work that it took to take these steps, the night had an atmosphere of triumph in the air.

ISI STEEL is a member of ISI GROUP under our Building& Materials division. To learn more about ISI STEEL’s range of high-quality products, visit their website.