Joining Hands with Treeline Urban Resort

Article by

Luka D’Amato

Treeline Urban Resort is coming back on August 14th 2020, once again offering guests a curated and unforgettable experience. Masterly crafted with leading Cambodian artists, the art & design hotel is located along the bank of Siem Reap River.

Situated at the gateway to Angkor Wat, the past few months have been a trying time for the Siem Reap community, whose local economy is largely driven by tourism. As health concerns heightened around COVID-19, Treeline acted in the best interest of its community and guests, temporarily closing its doors to visitors. During this time, Treeline kept their staff on to maintain the hotel, provide employees with training and ensure its readiness to welcome visitors back into a safe environment. Yet, as a social leader, they did not stop there.

Nutritious meals stored in natural, biodegradable packaging ready to be served to those in need.

Treeline joined hands with the Cambodian Landmine Museum and other like-minded hotels in Siem Reap to form the Hotels Joining Hands initiative. Using their kitchens, the three hotels began cooking nutritious meals and donating them to those in Siem Reap suffering from the economic impacts of COVID-19. The hotels used locally sourced ingredients to benefit local suppliers and Treeline’s staff made biodegradable parcels out of banana leaves and traditional woven baskets to deliver the food.

Committed to serving over 450 meals a day, the Hotels Joining Hands initiative has made over forty thousand food donations as of July 25th. Treeline’s hotel partners in this initiative are Mulberry Boutique Hotel and Jaya House Hotels. The initiative also included clothing donations and uncooked rice, which better serve more remote villages surrounding Siem Reap. To learn more about Hotels Joining Hands and how you can contribute to supporting the Siem Reap community, click here.

Treeline employee hands food to woman in Siem Reap.

“The close-knit Siem Reap community – so rich in local traditions and creativity – is really at the heart of our hotel. Our ultimate goal is helping our people, our community get through this difficult time,” said Joni Aker, Treeline General Manager in a press release.

ISI GROUP is proud to see our businesses step up in difficult times and live our core values of Hard Work, Integrity and Innovation. Now, after building their internal capacity to serve their guests during this time, Treeline is ready to welcome guests again. For locals and expats in Cambodia planning a trip, consider Siem Reap and Treeline with a special offer of $89 per night from August 14th to November 30th. Click here and use the promo code REOPENING to book your stay with Treeline.

Treeline Urban Resort was designed and developed by Urbanland founder Hok Kang. Delivering innovative commercial and residential projects, Urbanland is a member of ISI GROUP under our Property Development division. To learn more about Treeline Urban Resort’s other sustainable initiatives, including environmental cleanups, click here.