K Mall Prek Thnaot: The Interplay of Retail and Community

Puthealin Sok

In a retail scene where global, pop-culture trends often overpower the sense of local community, balancing the two phenomena to create a uniquely fresh mall experience is a delicate task. Urbanland’s latest interpretation of the urban shopping experience, K Mall, is now set to uplift the shopping experience again with nature, communal spaces and local brands at a second location in the south of Phnom Penh.

K Mall Veng Sreng lights up at dusk.

Following K Mall Veng Sreng, Urbanland officially announced the development plans for K Mall Prek Thnaot on 19th September 2022 along with the signing of memorandums of understanding (MoU) with the iconic Brown Coffee and Bakery, the premier Lucky Supermarket and the rising restaurant chain Kungfu Kitchen. Promoting spaces that are specially designed for close-knit community building, the new mall will feature public gathering areas, open plazas and vibrant spaces for activities like pop-up markets, festivals and other events that encourage bonding between family members, friends and neighbors.

Mr. Hok Kang, Urbanland CEO speaking about the new mall development at the MoU signing event.

“With the success of our first mall development – K Mall Veng Sreng, we are very optimistic to expand our retail experience to the southern part of Phnom Penh […], and we are committing to delivering and building the best community mall experience to our community area in Prek Thnoat area,” said Mr. Hok Kang, Urbanland CEO at the K Mall Prek Thnaot MoU signing ceremony.

Championing local culture and creating spaces for communities to thrive, K Mall Veng Sreng has already been bringing events infused with contemporary Khmer culture to life. Ranging from a food festival featuring some of our local street snacks to mini concerts by rising Cambodian artists such as Key and G-Devith, our first K Mall has been bringing diverse activities to the heart of Veng Sreng, a commitment they will continue to bring to the upcoming K Mall Prek Thnaot.

Located minutes from Samdech Hun Sen Blvd. and situated next to Chankiri Palm Creek, K Mall Prek Thnaot will become a hub for communities to come together.

Located next to Urbanland’s design-led and people-centered Borey Chankiri, K Mall Prek Thnaot will improve borey living at our award-winning residential development while also bringing a breath of fresh air to the wider Stung Prek Thnaot area by providing unforgettable art, design and entertainment for people of all ages within thoughtfully designed spaces adorned with greenery. Stay tuned to more updates in the future by subscribing to our blog below.

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