KMH Foundation Promotes Technical Education in Cambodia

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Luka D’Amato

ISI GROUP’s KMH Foundation has developed a new scholarship program with Don Bosco Technical School to help students learn professional skills and gain work experience.

Don Bosco is a non-profit technical school working to help underprivileged students’ access the skilled workforce, improving their future opportunities and living standards. The KMH Foundation supports top-performing students access Don Bosco through a fully funded scholarship as well as offering internships to the students at ISI STEEL. This tailored scholarship program gives selected students greater education, real world skills and exposes them to mentors and trainers in their field of interest.

“The students are exposed to a new environment…  to a company that inspires them. These programs change the students because they are exposed to real life, not just school,” said Fr. Charles Arun Michael, SBD, Don Bosco Technical School, Phnom Penh Thmey Administrator.

Don Bosco scholarship students take a tour of the ISI STEEL production facilities.

The internship at ISI STEEL gives the students experience working alongside and building relationships with industry leaders. They are also exposed to world-class systems and operations, where they can supplement their education. The program allows for the students to demonstrate their skills and progression with the possibility of earning fulltime employment at ISI STEEL after they graduate.

“Most of the students have struggled in life, living through poverty. These burdens and hardships have left many feeling lonely and hopeless. With the scholarship program, ISI STEEL wishes to let them know that we are there for them; they are not alone. We are proud to share their journey and help them create and build their hopes and dreams,” said Rethiya Kahn, ISI STEEL HR Manager.

Don Bosco students take a group photo in front of the ISI STEEL factory, where they will soon begin their internships.

The partnership between KMH Foundation and Don Bosco also supports building the skilled workforce in Cambodia. Technical education, designed to teach skills that allow individuals to specialize in a trade and earn higher wages, is limited in Cambodia. The lack of access to technical education also leads to a shortage of human capital in the country, according to a report by the World Bank. Technical education provides great opportunity for the students, as well as being critical to supporting continued economic development.

According to Fr. Charles, the program not only helps the students gain skills and work experience, it teaches them values as well.

“How much responsibility the students take on when they are in their second year is dramatic. They enter the first year shy, but when they enter their second year, they take care of each other and teach each other values,” he said.

Father Charles stands in front of the ISI STEEL Factory during an introductory visit with students to ISI STEEL.

As a part of our ongoing efforts to promote the hard work and accomplishments of the students participating in the scholarship and internship program, we will be featuring interviews of the students to share their stories and experiences. Stay tuned to hear more.

Don Bosco Technical school is a non-profit school located in Phnom Penh and established in 1991 as the first institution providing technical skill education for young adults experiencing extreme poverty and marginalization. To learn more about Don Bosco Technical School’s philosophy and work in Cambodia, click here. The KMH Foundation was established as a part of ISI GROUP’s ongoing goal to promote positive social change through education, healthcare, sports and housing, click here to learn more.