KMH Foundation School Rebuild Program Reaches Tboung Khmum

Article by

Luka D’Amato

Pursuing a better education for Cambodia’s rising generation, ISI GROUP’s KMH Foundation completed the reconstruction of a new primary school in Thbong Khmum province on April 28th, 2020. The two new schoolhouses, library and playground will become a source of opportunity for the village’s children.

“The idea behind the project is to help students access education, but also provide a space where they can enjoy learning.” said Mr. Bun Phearom, ISI STEEL Copy Editor, who helped coordinate the rebuild project and worked with the school’s principle to ensure quality outcomes.

A girl from Srae Som Chas studying before the school rebuild is completed.

The reinvigorated Srae Som Chas Primary School will create a positive learning environment for its 142 students, who range from grade 1-5. The school rebuild utilizes Mekong Homes models, which have been refitted to meet the student’s educational needs and are designed to protect them from the heat and monsoons that often impede their education. To support the students and teachers in utilizing the new school and ensure a positive impact on their education, a set of white boards and desks for the students and teachers have been included in each classroom.


The school's three new buildings can be seen here near completion.

“We chose Srae Som Chas Primary School because the existing school building was old and over occupied. Situations like these make it difficult to study and can lead to students dropping out of school early in their education,” said Mr. Phearom. “Now, with more space, enough classrooms and the added library for the students, the students can focus on their courses in a beautiful environment,” he added.

The old school building was made of wood and a zinc roof that, due to their old age, could not properly protect the students from heavy rain or strong winds. The school did not have clean water, toilets, or proper supplies for the students to study with. These factors created a poor learning environment, making achieving educational outcomes difficult. To help ensure the student’s health, a filtered water tank and sanitation facilities have also been installed on the school grounds. Trees will also be planted on the school grounds to create an environment that encourages learning and promotes a happy lifestyle for the students and teachers.

Seen here is the entrance to the original school before the rebuild began.

“I’m very happy to see the new school. I have a new hope that we will be able improve the education we provide to our students,” said Kong Sopha, Srae Som Chas Primary School Principal.

The KMH Foundation school rebuild program began in 2018 with a commitment to rebuild one school per year. Without the funds to build and maintain schools, the harsh weather conditions, aging structures and small classrooms prevent many of Cambodia’s youth from receiving a quality education. To ensure the greatest impact possible, we focus on impoverished areas that lack resources and have demonstrated a commitment to education. We have also partnered with the World Pop Customer Foundation to ensure that the schools can achieve positive outcomes in their communities. We would like to thank World Pop Customer Foundation for contributing $10,000 dollars to this year’s school rebuild initiative and their ongoing efforts to improving living standards in Cambodia.

“I am happy see all the kids with their big smiles and reading from the comfort of the new classroom. I think they deserve this for their education. I always hope this will take a part in helping these kids grow to become educated adults that can have better futures,” Mr. Phearom said.

The KMH Foundation was established in 2012 in honor of our founder, Oknha Kang Meng Huy, to promote positive social change through education, healthcare, sports and housing. To learn more about our CSR activities in Cambodia, click here.