Learning From the Past – The Vann Molyvann Project Visits Treeline

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Luka D’Amato

Celebrating Cambodia’s rich culture, Treeline Hotels is hosting “Learning From the Past,” an exhibit dedicated to one of the country’s most renowned architects, Vann Molyvann.

The exhibition’s debut showcases rare models of the architect’s designs, created by The Vann Molyvann Project – an organization promoting and preserving the national icon’s work – as well as architectural drawings and photographs, which give unique insight into his work. The exhibition in the Treeline gallery is the first time all 12 models of Molyvann’s work have been displayed together, allowing visitors to see his stylistic range.

“The title of the exhibition, ‘Learning From the Past’ is inspired by Vann Molyvann’s words, which he often repeated while talking with students and researchers,” according to a press release by the Vann Molyvann Project.

The Institute of Foreign Lanuages, designed by Vann Molyvann. Copyright © The Vann Molyvann Project.

Hosting the exhibit is a part of Treeline’s active inclusion of Cambodian art and culture at the hotel, honoring his work by exposing its depth to both national and international audiences. Siem Reap is rightly famous for its breathtaking Angkorian temples, yet Cambodia’s modern accomplishments can be overlooked. Exhibitions like this one shine an important spotlight on the country’s cultural identity.

Treeline’s ambition to host works by both established and emerging artists is part of their goal to vitalize Siem Reap, according Séléna Luong, Deputy Head of Marketing at Urbanland Asia, the property development company responsible for Teeline. The newly opened boutique hotel plans to host a variety of artists in their gallery as a part of this plan.

“Promoting arts through Treeline is part of an idea to put Siem Reap at the center of arts and culture,” said Ms. Luong. “Treeline hotel is the perfect place to exhibit arts in Siem Reap,” she added.

“Learning From the Past” opened at Treeline on April 7th and is available to the public until June 30th, 2019. For more information on attending the event, click here.

Portrait of Vann Molyvann. Lok Serei [Free World], vol 7 no 5, 1958.

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