Moving with the Music Industry

Sophika Kun

In recent decades, many Cambodians have regarded music as a pastime, with the idea of taking formal music classes or pursuing a professional career in the industry seeming unattainable to many. To get a better understanding of what music can offer beyond entertainment, we caught up with three local teachers from Soundskool to hear their personal experiences and professional insights on how quality education creates more opportunities for music enthusiasts – whether you aspire to go pro or explore a new passion.

Growing a Passion for Music

“It began with learning just for fun, but after constant practice, my connection with the piano grew deeper and my interest in music became stronger. The more I learned about piano, the more I mastered my patience and got to explore diverse cultures and inspiring artists. Better understanding the value of music, I decided to pursue an education and career in music.”  

- Mr. Panhara Lay, Piano Teacher, Soundskool

Driving Future Musicians

“Having more Khmer professionals in the music industry is key to drawing more serious attention to the field. Here at Soundskool, we are building local experts from an early age through fun, kid-focused programs. With formal classes, students can identify their interests and envision their future in music – this is how future leaders in the music industry are made.”

- Ms. Seaklim San, Piano Teacher, Soundskool

A Hub for Artists

“Interest in music is rooted within many of us, but having places to discover our true passion is not easy here in Cambodia. With our high-quality classes and professional teachers, I believe we can inspire more locals to take formal music education. As a leading music school, Soundskool is a trusted place for students to explore their passion in music.”

- Mrs. Pisey Oum, Violin Teacher, Soundskool

We hope our conversations with these amazing teachers from Soundskool help inspire music lovers to explore the field even further. With the right environment and professional guidance, music can open up a world of possibilities for anyone who is interested in learning new skills, regardless of age or experience. Further investing in music education, we can help young people discover their creativity and passion, cultivate local professionals, and create a space where art and culture can thrive.