Our Heroes Save Lives

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Luka D’Amato

A single blood donation can save up to three people’s lives, making it one of the most valuable ways to help others. However, rising concerns around COVID-19 transmission have led to a sharp drop in donations, effecting the National Blood Transfusion Center’s (NBTC) ability to distribute the vital resource to people in need across Cambodia.

As of late August, the NBTC lacked 20-30% of the blood it needs to save lives.

An NBTC health professional draws blood.

The pandemic has compounded existing challenges to increasing donations, with many unaware of the powerful impact giving blood can have on someone’s life and some believing that it could harm their own health. Without a well-supplied blood bank, vulnerable people are forced seek donations from friends and family who share the same blood type, which can be life-threatening for trauma victims who need blood immediately and those who require ongoing treatment. Voluntary donors and blood drives allow the NBTC to ensure hospitals across the country can perform life-saving transfusions.

Employees line up for a health check-up by the NBTC before donating blood.

To support the health of people across Cambodia, employees from across ISI GROUP lined up on October 24th to give their blood to the NBTC at our first blood drive. With smiles spread across their faces, our people proudly stepped forward to donate, knowing that they were contributing to a great cause.

Employee gives peace sign while giving blood.

Carrying the theme “Be a Hero, Save Lives,” the blood drive was a part of our commitment to give back to our communities and was headed by the KMH Foundation, ISI GROUP’s CSR program. The event began with an information session by the NBTC, aiming to raise awareness on the impact donors have and the safety of giving blood.

Donors show their donation paperwork.

“Donating blood has always been a dream of mine, but I never could find time. This program gave me the opportunity to give back to people who need help,” said Sophana Kong, a Senior Accountant from Urbanland. “For someone like me who’s never donated before, you feel a little afraid. But the nurses were really kind, it made me feel like everything would be fine.”

Mr. Kang Leng, ISI GROUP CEO, has his blood type tested before donating.

We are proud to see the goodwill of our heroes who joined us and the NBTC to save lives. After the positive support from our people, we are happy to continue this program in the future and raise awareness on the safety and benefits of donating blood.

“If someone needs blood, we can be heroes and help save them. I suggest everyone donates at some point. You will feel good about what you’ve done after,” said Ms. Sophana.

Health checkups ensure that it is safe for the donor to give blood.

Initiatives like the ISI GROUP Blood Drive embody our vision to create and build a better living for all. Our actions in healthcare aim to give back by organizing community projects and supporting local organizations who care for the health and well-being of our society. To learn more about the KMH Foundation and our work to improve the health of our communities, click here.

Did you know?

  • Main beneficiaries of donations in Cambodia go to women who hemorrhaged during pregnancy or childbirth, severely anemic children affected by malaria or dengue fever, landmine and trauma victims.
  • Blood cannot be manufactured. All blood transfusions come from volunteer donors.
  • Donating blood can be good for your health e.g. reducing high blood pressure

Want to be a hero?

Donating blood is quick and can save lives. To donate to the NBTC, you must meet following conditions:

  • Age: 18-60 years old
  • Weight: 45 kg +
  • Good health
  • Haven’t donated blood in the last 3 months (men) or 4 months (women)

To contact the NBTC for more information about donating blood, call 092 998 000