Pre-Engineered Buildings: Ingenious Blend of Design and Function

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Puthealin Sok

Standing among Phnom Penh’s trophy high-rises that outline the capital’s Central Business District is a boutique, awarding-winning office building, Raintree. Currently home to ISI GROUP, the white, chic building positions itself with an understated elegance and rational layout through pre-engineered construction.

Raintree, a project of Fuxin

To the west of Raintree, in the bustling industrial Chom Chao Quarter, rises our upcoming contemporary office building, ISI Tower. Using pre-engineered construction, the nine-story tower is designed to inspire a better work life in the industrial zone with architectural features such as timber louvres, flexible floorplans and a sky terrace.

ISI Tower, a project of Fuxin

The two buildings invoke the question as to why function and aesthetics seem to be a given when it comes to pre-engineered buildings (PEBs).

Generally, PEBs refer to prefabricated steel building structures, which means every building component is engineered and produced to the exact specification required at a factory before being assembled onsite. PEBs can be customized with ease to fulfil diverse structural and aesthetic design requirements, giving them unmatched flexibility and making them a preferred building solution for many construction projects, including modern commercial buildings.

ISI GROUP office at Raintree

The value PEBs offer extends beyond their unmatched design flexibility and aesthetics. With their building components prefabricated and mass-produced in a controlled environment, PEBs fuel productivity and reduce waste, making them more eco-friendly. Prefabrication also allows for meticulous quality control, reduces construction time up to 50% and saves costs due to increased efficiency, shorter build periods and earlier return on investment.

Chroy Changvar International Exhibition Hall, a project of Fuxin

Fuxin amplifies the benefits of PEBs by using well-adapted, advanced technology and ISI GROUP’s extensive building resources. They can analyze, design and erect complex structures for architecturally challenging buildings, providing steel structures that give way to beauty and function. The evidence can be seen through the creative Raintree building and contemporary ISI Tower, just two of Fuxin’s 600+ projects. The buildings’ long-span structures create unobstructed floorplans, allowing for adjustable leasing solutions that suit different office formats and work cultures.

Built upon the vast experience and expertise of ISI GROUP in manufacturing and industrial development, Fuxin adds their unique touch to prefabricated construction. Their Design & Build process brings together specialized experts at the earliest stage of a project, including architects, contractors, consultants, designers and engineers, to devise the best building solutions for any requirement.

Rice Mill, a project of Fuxin

Over the last 10 years, Fuxin has designed and constructed hundreds of steel buildings across sectors, including the Logistics, Warehousing, Manufacturing and Food & Beverage industries. With their turnkey solutions such as master planning, design and construction, Fuxin will continue to transform the construction industry through prefabrication.

Fuxin is a member of ISI GROUP under our Building & Materials division. To learn more about PEBs and Fuxin’s superior quality, cost-efficient, time-saving and environmentally sustainable solutions, click here.