Another Step to Advance ISI GROUP Leadership

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Un Raksmey

ISI GROUP has initiated a series of Project Management coaching sessions from December 2018 to March 2019, to enhance and strengthen the capacity and skills of project teams across our businesses.

Over 30 participants from Fuxin, ISI STEEL, Fuxin, HKA, Urbanland, and KMH Industrial Park joined the first session this new-style program at Raintree in late December 2018. Participants who are taking part in the coaching range from architects and engineers to project teams.

Mr. Kang Sen, Managing Director of Fuxin, expressed the importance of project management skills to the trainees during the opening session.

"I hope this is useful for your work. What you learn here can develop your skills and you can take the lessons back to your own projects," Mr. Sen said.

This coaching seminar has been specially designed to provide the fundamentals of Project Management and provide attendees with a participatory learning environment, where they are encouraged to share their experiences, interact with one another and learn through information sharing. This interactive style provides the best learning environment for attendee, as we all as improving knowledge sharing across ISI GROUP of companies.

These coaching sessions are also an opportunity for management to assess budding potential within our teams.

“With these 30 plus participants, we can gauge who could potentially be an effective project managers in the future,” said Christian Gusaypo, Trainer and UBL’s Project Manager.

Project Managers also take part in the coaching, offering advice and insight to participants. Mr. Horn Chanveasna, seminar participant and Fuxin’s Innovation and Development Manager, said this program is unique and a great way to strengthen team and individual capacity.

He said,“The unique point of this training is ‘coaching’, it is not a training. All coachees need to explore their Project Management skills, select their own case studies, present the Master Program and challenge it with the committee.”

Another trainee, Mr. Toeung Chan Chamrong from KMH Industrial Park, strongly believes that this coaching is very important for him, as it provides more knowledge and experience to become an expert in the construction sector.

Similarly, Mr. Vuth Chanphalkun, the coachee from Fuxin, sees the importance of this training and wishes to see more like it.

He said, “I wish to attend more management trainings like this, that include commercial understanding, strategic planning, effective communications, emotional intelligence, leadership, fundamental finance and accounting.”

Currently ISI GROUP has more than 2,000 employees. By understanding the importance of human resource development, ISI GROUP has initiated many programs with the purpose of improving knowledge sharing and skills to all ISI GROUP employees. Training, coaching and development play a very important role in bringing success to the group, which is why we invest in it so seriously.