Rejuvenating Coffee Culture with Modern Design & Local Inspiration

Yim Pichpanha

Over the past decade of serving unique café experiences, BROWN Coffee and Bakery has grown to 34 branches across the Kingdom. Mastering the combination of innovative, quality products with inspiring spaces, the local favorite continues to provide an uplifting atmosphere where creativity can flourish.

The frontage of BROWN Roastery Siem Reap embraces greenery to create fresh atmosphere.

Rewinding to the mid-2000’s, modern cafés in Cambodia were a rarity, and rejuvenating urban spaces hard to come by. Aiming to revitalize the local coffee culture and enrich the way we live; BROWN brought a new café concept that incorporated modern Khmer spirit and allowed people to thrive. Today, BROWN is at the crest of the Kingdom’s coffee culture and has pioneered the market.

All BROWN’s spaces designed to feel integrated, connected and alive.

Taking inspiration from local taste and ingredients, BROWN’s innovative and always evolving menu adapts to the palate and meets people’s lifestyles. Aiming to bring better experiences across The Kingdom’s food and beverage scene, BROWN seeks to bring refreshing drinks following local seasonal trends in creative ways that have led them to build a loyal customer base.

Beyond their innovative products, stepping into any of their contemporary branches gives the same sensational feeling while using unique aesthetic designs and installations. The elevated spaces connect people together to enjoy the tasty meals and refreshing drinks that bring daily living to the next level.

Inspired by the iconic temples, BROWN’s Siem Reap location brings cultural heritage and modern design together.

Through integrating innovative products and welcoming service with design-focused spaces, BROWN has created an iconic coffee culture where our communities can relax, work and build bonds. Born to be an uplifting, motivating café experience, BROWN will continue to provide new and iconic experiences for their customers in more communities across Cambodia.

Pursueing ISI GROUP and BROWN’s common goal to rejuvenate living in our communities and our shared love for innovation and sustainable growth, we will continue to create more opportunities to connect people and communities together. Click the link here to learn about our investment division.