Sparking Entrepreneurship and Rejuvenation with BROWN

Sophika Kun

Launching a new business initiative, The Ground Market, BROWN has expanded their expertise beyond specializing in modern lifestyle cafés. Developed to be a home for upcoming entrepreneurs in the food & beverage industry, BROWN’s new investment is helping foster sustainable growth while creating a space where locals can enrich their lives in a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

The Ground Market is a perfect place for unwinding with friends and family.

Located in Koh Norea Village, just ten minutes away from Monivong Bridge, The Ground Market is an oasis providing a one-of-a-kind experience for urban residents to take a break from the bustling city to relax and enjoy the calming nature of the community park. Offering a wide range of amenities, from BROWN’s own creative café to a variety of stalls with food, drinks, groceries and more, The Ground Market has it all.

“This new initiative is built upon BROWN's strength and competitive advantages in the food industry to bring the next generation of food-based businesses to the next level. The Ground Market will be a powerful catalyst for entrepreneurship, as well as a unique and inviting community space that will become one of the most beloved destinations in Koh Norea area,” said Chhoung Liv, CEO of BROWN Coffee and Bakery.

A variety of food and beverage stalls await all visitors.

More than just a community space, The Ground Market is a hub of creativity and connection. Our innovative park has quickly become a place where people of all ages can come together to connect through local foods, live performances, entertaining shows, art and exciting events, including Nham Tam Tiem, BROWN's Coffee By the Park and more.

Visitors create a memorable moment with BROWN's Coffee by the Park workshop event.

Now, with The Ground Market, BROWN is continuing to bring our communities forward together. Encouraging local entrepreneurship, The Ground Market welcomes small and growing businesses and provides a space where they can thrive. As an industry leader, BROWN will continue to pioneer modern café culture and launch initiatives that fuel Cambodia’s growing food and beverage sector. Watch this video to explore all the excitement at The Ground Market.