Starting Your Career - Insights with ISI GROUP

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Luka D’Amato

With the National Career and Productivity Fair approaching, we sat down with our Chief Officer of People & Operations, Mr. Narath Veasna, to hear his insights on how young professionals can start their career.

The term “career” is used a lot. What does it really mean to have a career?

A career is more than a job you do daily, it’s something you can grow through – both professionally and personally. Investing in a career is investing in yourself. As you progress, you will mature and see a visible difference in how you think and act.

For young professionals, knowing how to take you career forward can be difficult. What would your advice to them be?

Follow your interests and strengths, but don’t avoid your weaknesses. You should look at what’s driving the economy and the industries that will be dominant in the future. Then, see if there is a career in that industry that interests you. Think about how you can crack into your hidden potential.

Aside from salary, what is the most important factors that you see young Cambodians looking for when considering a company?

A salary matching the responsibilities of the position can show you that a company is healthy and practices good standards, but there is more to look for as well. Young professionals should look for companies that are passionate about developing their people’s capacity. Personal well-being is also important because people need to know that they are valued. CSR is another emerging trend. People are inspired to work for an organization that gives back to society – they want to work for a company that understands that they can only grow if the community grows.

What are the top traits employers look for in young career seekers?

The most important thing is that their personal values align with our corporate values. Hard work, integrity and innovation come first in everything we do at ISI GROUP. We want people to dream and challenge the status quo in a way that causes good for all. If a candidate aligns with our core values, we can help them develop into someone who can contribute great things.

Showing yourself in a CV or interview is a challenge. Do you have any tips?

Be honest and be yourself. Recruiters want to see who you are, not just whether you meet the job description, so being honest is important. They want to know what you have achieved – this can be challenging. My advice is to show them something you are proud of, something important to you.

Why is a positive work culture important when considering an employer?

You want to work in a culture that inspires and excites you, so finding the one that’s right for you is important. A positive working culture will encourage you to reach your potential and influence your career.

What can someone starting their career look for to see if they will fit into a company’s work culture?

When I was looking for my first job after university, one company stood out to me after a workshop because I saw their staff engaging and bringing new ideas. I worked hard to get that job because I felt it was environment that I could thrive in.

I would suggest to young people that you expose yourself to the company as much as possible, ask questions and look how their employees interact with each other. Look for signs, even in the small things, then ask yourself if this environment or group of people will inspire you.

At ISI GROUP, we talk a lot about our vision to create and build a better living for all. What does this mean for young professionals?

Creating and building a better living for all motivates everything we do. It is our vision, a purpose that keeps us challenging ourselves to be better. Living goes beyond just having a roof above your head, it’s about your lifestyle and passions. If you are looking for a workplace that will challenge you like this, ISI GROUP is the place for you.

Making mistakes is a part of life. Why should employers embrace this and give their employees room to make mistakes?

Making mistakes is a part of the learning process and we encourage that. We want an environment where people have the freedom to try new things and learn – that’s how we grow as people and as a company. The key is learning from things that don’t work and finding solutions. Our senior executives and managers empower our people to make decisions within a safe and controlled environment – this platform allows our people to create change at all levels.

Why is working at a company operating under international standards good for young career seekers?

When a new employee goes into a workplace without proper standards and procedures, it is easy to get lost. It’s important for young professionals to work in an environment with standards because they know what’s expected from them, have the tools and resources to accomplish their responsibilities and can grow in their career. Standards also ensure that we deliver our products at a consistent quality and allow us to earn our customers’ trust.

Mr. Narath Veasna serves as Chief Officer - People & Operations at ISI GROUP. His professional and business experiences include general management and operations, business advisory and strategy development, education and human resources. To learn more about career opportunities at ISI GROUP, click here.