The Future of Home: Chankiri Palm Creek

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Puthealin Sok

What makes a place a home? To Urbanland, a home is a space that is designed for better living by meeting people's actual needs. With their latest project, Chankiri Palm Creek, Urbanland is redefining homes in Cambodia through their people-centered design principles.

Chankiri Showroom

“A lot of people in the post-war generation, like me, grew up in a dark and dingy place with poor interior lighting, poor ventilation and little consideration given to design and space,” said Mr. Hok Kang, Founder and Managing Director of Urbanland, raising some of the core problems many Phnom Penh residents are still experiencing today.

In fact, more than 60% of Phnom Penh residents in Urbanland's research, Future of Home, reported living in a cluttered and stressful house due to the lack of storage space. Over 50% of them were battling with issues such as noise pollution, parking, cleanliness and social conflict in their current neighborhoods

Chankiri Gym Park

“As a developer, we have a responsibility to do something about this,” said Hok, discussing the absence of people-centered home designs in Cambodia. “We can use this data to build better homes that suit the changing requirements of Cambodian families as they grow and flourish,” he said on the research findings that would form the basis for Chankiri's development.

Living Room of Chankiri's Villa Oudom

Located in the fast-growing urban area near the upcoming Aeon 3 mall, Chankiri is a borey project that is designed for better living. It is crafted by HKA & Partners, an architecture firm founded by Hok that’s graced Urbanland's award-winning projects and BROWN Coffee with their iconic looks. Chankiri's interior designs exude efficiency and functionality, ready to adapt to people’s needs at different life stages. The well-lit interiors have an optimal airflow system and “can be converted over time from nurseries to hobby spaces, to home offices or even a quiet place for aging parents to take an afternoon nap,” said Hok.

Bedroom in Chankiri's Villa Oudom

Urbanland’s purposeful design unfolds beyond their homes’ walls. Answering urban residents’ frustration with empty promises of grandiose borey exteriors, Chankiri features a carefully crafted landscape that promotes both physical and emotional health. “We are focused on creating communal spaces that are green, shady and usable for all generations in the community,” said Hok. With multiple parks, alluring entrances and graceful home designs, Chankiri is created to make coming home a rewarding experience at every step.

Chankiri Central Park

With a vision to transform the way people live in Cambodia, one place, one community at a time, Chankiri is another milestone in Urbanland’s pursuit and a step forward in our group’s journey to create and build a better living for all.

“We believe that putting people at the heart of everything we do will enrich their quality of life, to enable everyone to live better and achieve their aspirations,” said Hok.

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