Unlocking a Better Tomorrow with the KMH Foundation

Sophika Kun

Championing education, environment, sports and healthcare, ISI GROUP’s CSR programs under the KMH Foundation are dedicated to fostering a more sustainable future for our communities. Taking a look behind our initiatives, we spoke with Dr. Phirom Leng, KMH Foundation Operations Director, to get his insights on why we target these four areas, one of our most meaningful initiatives in 2023 and how ISI GROUP staff’s involvement is vital to our programs’ successes.

Q: What is the reason the KMH Foundation concentrates on education, environment, sports and healthcare?

A: "Promoting education allows us to empower more competent human resources that will drive progress and innovation, while a healthy, fit population is key to a productive and engaged workforce. Environmentally, our tree planting initiative will greatly contribute to reducing our carbon footprint, mitigating climate change and providing habitats for countless species. Investing in these four pillars today allows us to help pave the way for a more vibrant community in the future."

ISI GROUP and KMH Foundation partnered with World Pop Foundation to donate a new anesthesia machine to the Kantha Bopha Foundation on 16th November 2023.

Q: What initiative in 2023 has had the most meaningful impacts?

A: "Our One Year, One School project has made a significant change for students in underprivileged areas. By constructing new school facilities and donating teaching and learning materials, rural students can access higher-quality education. The new school infrastructure can also help revitalize the area, serving as a new community space."

On 26th August 2023, students took a photo at the newly constructed Prasat Primary school built under our One Year, One School project.

Q: Why do you think ISI GROUP staff’s involvement in CSR activities is essential for us to drive more change?

A: "At ISI GROUP, our strength lies in our unity. That is why the KMH Foundation works as a shared platform that encourages collaboration through CSR activities that amplify our collective impacts groupwide. By joining our meaningful initiatives, everyone can connect closer together to continue uplifting our community."

ISI GROUP’s staff joined our One Million Trees activity on 7th July 2023 to help plant trees at Hun Sen Sampov Poun Highschool in Kandal.

Q: How can we ensure we achieve our vision and amplify our impacts?

A: "We welcome partnership for projects or programs with those who share our vision of maximizing positive change in these four areas. With enhanced collaboration, we can join forces and leverage our strengths to achieve more than we could alone. As Aristotle said, ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,’ so together, we can do more to generate greater impacts."

Established in 2012, the KMH Foundation has been empowering change through diverse, well-planned programs, including school rebuilds and supply donations, environmental initiatives, community sport programs, hospital donations, internal blood drives and more. Through meaningful government and private partnerships, we are committed to continue creating and building better, more resilient communities for all.