Unveiling a Mixed-Use Business and Lifestyle Hub

Yim Pichpanha

With a vision to create a one-stop business and lifestyle hub, ISI GROUP and our property developer, Urbanland, officially unveiled ISI PARK Veng Sreng on 6th December. With more than half a million residents in the surrounding area, the first phase of our mixed-use commercial development has introduced refreshing spaces for both people and businesses to grow in.

ISI Tower and K Mall at ISI PARK Veng Sreng.

Rewinding back more than two decades, the area ISI PARK Veng Sreng sits on today was a vast expanse of rice fields on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. In 2002, our first industrial park was introduced by our founders, Oknha Kang Meng Huy and Lok Chumteav Khun Heang, to offer rental space for factories, warehouses, worker dormitories and marketplaces. Growing to include over 20 factories and dormitories housing more than 10,000 factory workers, it would become one of Cambodia’s largest worker accommodation providers.

“ISI PARK Veng Sreng is part of our ISI GROUP journey and an insight into the direction of urban development in Cambodia. Our founders began developing where we stand now as an integrated industrial park over 20 years ago,” said Mr. Kang Leng, ISI GROUP CEO. “In 2019, we introduced a new masterplan for ISI PARK Veng Sreng and broke ground on ISI Tower, K Mall, Shophouses, and AIA Stadium,” he continued.

Mr. Kang Leng, ISI GROUP CEO, speaks about ISI GROUP’s journey at the ISI PARK Veng Sreng Media Night.

With phase 1 now complete and over 400 people working at ISI Tower, more than 6,000 daily footfall at K Mall, and tens of thousands of fans coming to watch our football club, ISI Dangkor Senchey FC, compete in the Cambodian Premier League this year, we are beginning to see the community take life. By putting people at the heart of their design, Urbanland developed ISI PARK Veng Sreng’s masterplan to meet growing needs and revitalize living in the area.

“At Urbanland, we care deeply about designing and creating spaces that will have incredible impacts on people’s lives,” said Mr. Kang Hok, Urbanland Co-founder and CEO, expressing his commitment as a local real estate developer. “We take this mission seriously for all the projects that we have ever touched on. We believe we have achieved that with the first phase of our ISI PARK re-development,” he continued.

Mr. Kang Hok, Urbanland Co-Founder and CEO [right], met with esteemed guests, business partners and the media during the ISI PARK Veng Sreng Media Night.

Looking to create more opportunities for people and businesses in the Veng Sreng area, we are continuing to turn our vision for ISI PARK Veng Sreng into reality and are now taking the next step in developing it into a space that facilitates diverse growth and improves the quality of life in the surrounding communities. “We are already undergoing construction of Chankiri Shophouse, a new development by Urbanland, our leading property developer that has brought multiple projects to life over the ten years they have been influencing Cambodia’s real estate landscape,” said Mr. Kang Leng.

With the next phase of ISI PARK Veng Sreng underway, we will see more spaces for modern living as well as growing businesses to thrive in. Continuing to expand to offer a wider range of amenities that give people access to an oasis of shopping, entertainment, recreation, and leisure, we aim to help Veng Sreng continue to emerge as a vibrant urban area.