Who’s Behind Cambodia’s First Laptop Brand?

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Puthealin Sok

When KOOMPI hit the market in 2018, it etched its name in Cambodia’s history as the country's first ever local laptop brand. With its name meaning “the book of knowledge” in Khmer, it soon became clear that KOOMPI was pioneering tech for a deeper purpose. The drive that brought KOOMPI into existence can be traced back to the company that it’s born from: SmallWorld Venture.

SmallWorld Venture was co-founded by serial entrepreneur, Mr. Rithy Thul, in 2011. At the time, it was known as a co-working space where aspiring, young entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts could build meaningful networks and co-create their dream companies. The SmallWorld co-working space was inspired by the idea that if innovative minds have a space to connect and share information, the world would become smaller and global problems easier to solve.

Mr. Rithy gives a speech at a KOOMPI donation event at Chroy Changvar High School.

What happened next was five years of steady growth. With its long-term vision, integrity and innovative and strategic approach to developing businesses, the co-working space rose to become SmallWorld Venture, a company that helps young entrepreneurs design, test, refine startup models and fast-track their business launch with small capital.

Codingate, an award-winning tech company that came out of SmallWorld Venture, celebrates the opening of their first head office.

SmallWorld Venture builds startups and businesses in three main focus areas: hardware and software technology, education and the environment. They help talented young entrepreneurs build high-growth tech companies by providing business advice and strategies, mentorship, networks and financial support. Tech-driven and visionary, so far SmallWorld Venture has helped develop successful homegrown companies, including KOOMPI, Codingate and BookMeBus.

SmallWorld Venture is driven to leave something meaningful for the next generation. The startups and businesses they develop or invest in are all rooted in innovative, sustainable solutions and long-term impact. KOOMPI is a perfect representation of this. The choice to make Cambodia’s first laptop brand affordable with an open-source operating system answers the issues of many students in Cambodia, who have limited access to digital tools. On top of offering an online learning platform on its system, KOOMPI also offers to take back any damaged KOOMPI products and manage electronic waste on behalf of their users, following SmallWorld Venture’s environmental stand.

KOOMPI’s new laptop model, E11.

With a sharp focus on growing innovative businesses that prepare for tomorrow’s challenges, SmallWorld Venture has become a company of many firsts. KOOMPI, BookMeBus and the likes certainly won’t be the last to succeed through SmallWorld Venture’s business resources and offer people new and improved ways of life.

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