Built to Last: Local Products with International Standards

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Puthealin Sok

ISI GROUP recognizes that, as an industry leader in the Building & Materials sector, our work carries weight in shaping Cambodia’s rapidly changing landscape. With that in mind and integrity in our DNA, we create and build in line with international standards to help ensure that Cambodia’s infrastructure develops safely and sustainably.

Our deep-rooted commitment to quality construction and building materials was proven in 2019 when ISI STEEL and Fuxin both earned ISO 9001:2015. ISO is a global network of the world's leading standardizers and this ISO recognition certifies that all management systems, products and services of ISI STEEL and Fuxin meet applicable statutory and legal standards at the international level. This in turn means that ISI STEEL’s products and Fuxin’s pre-engineered steel structures ensure safety, quality and contribute to stronger infrastructure in Cambodia.

ISI STEEL’s staff practicing 5S and safety methods.
Fuxin’s manufacturing staff apply protective coating to steel beam.

The two companies did not stop there. In the same year ISI STEEL successfully launched the ISI PIPE rebrand. With all raw materials undergoing a rigorous inspection process and subjected to Japanese Industrial Standards for hot-dip galvanized steels (JIS G 3302), ISI PIPE is a top component for numerous structural and engineering applications. Fuxin also upgraded their pre-engineered steel building system, making it even safer and more efficient. Built on two years of research, development and innovation, Fuxin’s new pre-engineered building system involves even more machinery that helps to eliminate the risks of accidents and injuries.

ISI STEEL’s factory and manufacturing facilities.
Fuxin’s machinery at work.

Quality and safety standards are also top priorities for our heavy steel structure builder, Chungkang. Without compromising safety or quality, Chungkang manufactures thousands of metric tons of durable steel structures for factories, bridges, petro-chemical pipe supporting system and more. As a joint venture between ISI GROUP and China Steel Structure Corporation (CSSC), Taiwan’s largest steel structure maker, Chunkang uses its resources to provide high-quality structures while keeping costs low.

Chunkang erects a steel structure.

With its commitment to quality, Global Camstar (GCS), continues to deliver world-class construction products, giving their customer the tools to bring their projects to life with high-quality and long-lasting materials. GCS’s notable clients include the General Department of Taxation, the National Bank of Cambodia, Aeon Mall and Electricite Du Cambodge.

ISI GROUP is honored to be made up of companies that contribute to creating and building better infrastructure in Cambodia through producing and selling products and services that meet international safety and quality standards.

ISI STEEL, Fuxin, Chungkang and GCS are member companies of ISI GROUP under our Building & Materials division. To learn more about ISI GROUP and our market leading member companies, visit our homepage.