ISI GROUP Joins National Vaccination Campaign

Article by

Luka D’Amato

Supporting the national vaccination campaign, ISI GROUP worked with the Royal Government of Cambodia to facilitate a vaccination center in the Chom Chao quarter of Phnom Penh.

ISI GROUP provided the venue, meals for medical staff and necessary operational support to the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Defense to run the vaccination center. In total, the center helped fully vaccinate 44,763 people living and working in the community free of charge from April 7th to June 15th, 2021. ISI GROUP employees were among the tens of thousands of people who were able to access the vaccine.

A woman from the Chom Chao community receives her first dose of Sinovac

Sinovac, the vaccine distributed by government health workers at the vaccination center, is approved for emergency use by the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO’s review found the vaccination 100% effective in preventing severe COVID-19 effects and hospitalization and 51% effective in fully preventing symptoms.

Public-private sector collaboration is crucial to protecting our communities from COVID-19 and helping our country move forward. ISI GROUP is thankful to have had the opportunity to join national efforts to improve the physical, mental and economic health of our country by supporting on this vaccination drive and other activities since the pandemic emerged in Cambodia in early 2020.

ISI STEEL staff helps process paperwork for a community member to receive their vaccine

The KMH Foundation, ISI GROUP’s CSR program, has donated to and coordinated fundraising campaigns, including to support frontline health workers in June of 2021 and to purchase essential COVID-19 testing equipment for the Institut Pasteur du Cambodge (IPC) in April of 2020.

ISI GROUP has also focused its resources on responding to the pandemic internally. With the health crises as a top priority, ISI GROUP quickly initiated both a group-wide Emergency Response Team and Business Continuity Team in January 2020 to assess and respond to health and operational risks. Our specialist teams have worked in close coordination to implement Ministry of Health (MoH) and WHO guidelines, including mandatory mask usage, temperature checks, sanitation procedures, restricting unnecessary travel, implementing A/B working teams where possible and helping our staff access the vaccine. To keep our 2000+ staff informed, we have raised COVID-19 information awareness, including identifying symptoms, exercising preventative measures and have provided regular situation updates.

ISI STEEL staff proudly hold up their new vaccination cards

Our people, customers, business partners and communities are the backbone of ISI GROUP. We are grateful to be able to be a part of the government’s efforts to keep our country strong and are committed to continuing our actions to curb COVID-19 in our communities.