ISI STEEL Brings New Roofing Tech to Cambodian Market

Yim Pichpanha

Using advanced technology from Australia that has been adapted for the Cambodian market, our leading steel building material processor, ISI STEEL, officially launched an innovative, new addition to their product line on 28th April, 2023. Seeking to continue expanding their high-quality steel solutions, ISI PALM® with INOK™ Technology specializes in resisting corrosion to give customers complete confidence that their buildings’ roofing system will stand the test of time.

Seen here, ISI PALM® with INOK™ Technology is on display in the ISI STEEL showroom.

ISI PALM® with INOK™ Technology has undergone 20 years of research & development to create a stronger, longer-lasting roofing solution. Due to it’s longer lifetime and durability, the new solution is optimal for large-scale construction projects, residential developments and buildings in coastal areas. The galvanized steel also comes with various color options to choose from, allowing for more aesthetic buildings that meet customer requirements.

ISI PALM® with INOK™ Technology coil at the product launch event.

Using technology developed by BlueScope, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of painted and coated steel products, ISI PALM® with INOK™ Technology is ISI STEEL's top-tier roofing product and uses a multi-element coating to offer increased protection, including in vulnerable areas like screw holes and scratches. This increased level of protection allows ISI STEEL to offer it with a 20-year warranty, a significant increase compared to current industry standards.

The latest innovation from ISI STEEL expands our portfolio to provide steel building materials that meet the growing customer demand for high-quality and long-lasting buildings. Joining three additional new products launched in November 2022, ISI PALM® with INOK™ Technology builds on our growing and diverse line of high-quality products.

ISI GROUP CEO, Mr. Kang Leng, introducing  ISI PALM® with INOK™ Technology during the product launch.

A member of ISI GROUP’s Building & Material division, ISI STEEL seeks to bring new technologies and develop high-quality products that create and build better solutions for our customers. As an industry leader in Cambodia’s fast-growing construction sector, ISI STEEL is committed to offering innovative and integrated steel building solutions that bring our customers and communities forward with us. Click here to learn more about our Building & Materials division and leading member companies driving the local construction industry.