Ms. Soy Linda

HR Supervisor (Recruitment & Training), ISI STEEL

"The total value and opportunity of a company will be given to you when you are inspired to be better through motivation, monitoring, and collaboration. That is when you find that rewards are more than just salary and benefits."

Mr. Im Sovanara

Production Director, Fuxin Steel Buildings

“I believe all the work that we do gives us inspiration. Different people have different inspirations so find yours – then you will enjoy and give your best to your work. From my perspective, Inspiration is a key for Success. At Fuxin, I feel inspired; I found my passion and a better version of myself.”

Ms. Sokharath Sarin

Senior HR Executive, Urbanland

“It has been such a great opportunity for me to work for ISI GROUP for the past 3 years. I’ve had many positive experiences, been open to challenges and given a lot of opportunities to grow. We have supportive teams who exercise knowledge sharing and leadership that bring us together with motivation and inspiration. We learn from each other in our different cultures and we achieve our goals together.”

Mr. Samith Vatnakoudom

Marketing Manager, ISI STEEL

“The opportunity to learn and extend areas of expertise is what I long for at the employer I am working with. Working at ISI STEEL fulfils my satisfaction and has embedded an inspiration to build a better me. With this I can contribute to the betterment of my colleagues and the ones in need.”


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